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Pompeii, Capri & Bay of Naples .

Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri & The Bay of Naples

The Sorrento peninsula and the Bay of Naples has attracted visitors for centuries in search of its outstanding scenery, tranquility and some of the most remarkable sights from throughout history. Invasions by the Greeks, Phoenicians and Saracens have all left their legacies - but none more so than the Romans. Even 2000 years ago the attributes of the region were well known with the Emperors Tiberius and Augustus, together with countless members of the ruling elite, having villas here. Sorrento came to real fame though, during the late 18th century when many of Europe’s aristocracy came to spend their winters here - attracted by its mild climate and outstanding natural beauty.

8 days from Newcastle from £869pp, with departures until October 2017 (prices vary)

* Return flights to Naples
* 7 nights dinner, bed and breakfast accommodation in Sorrento in a wide range of hotels
* Sorrento, Capri, Pompeii, Naples and the Amalfi Coast
* Coach transfers and tour manager
Price Includes

The price of this holiday is per person, based on two people sharing a twin room with single and sea view rooms subject to available, at the relevant supplement; please see the accommodation section for further information. The price includes return flights, seven nights dinner, bed and breakfast, all coach tours as mentioned, executive coach travel in Italy, guided tours of Pompeii and Sorrento, visit to Naples, cruise to Capri and services of a Riviera tour manager.

◦Return flights Newcastle to Naples
◦Seven nights half-board in a choice of three-star or four-star hotel in Sorrento
◦Walking tour of Sorrento one of Italy’s most beautiful coastal towns
◦Cruise to the stunning island of Capri, home of the Roman Emperors
◦Visit to the magnificent volcano of Vesuvius
◦Visit to Naples and its Archaeological Museum
◦Guided tour of Pompeii a city frozen in time
◦Tour of the Amalfi coast - one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world
◦Visit to Ravello – setting for Wagner’s opera Parsifal
◦Service of an experienced tour manager


Day 1

You should arrive at the airport to take your flight to Naples. On arrival a coach will take us to Sorrento, a lovely base for our holiday (journey is approximately one hour, fifteen minutes). You have a choice of carefully selected hotels. They are all well managed and of a very good quality within their category. All have good restaurants where we take breakfast and dinner.

Day 2
Sorrento has been a resort for centuries and has developed with great style, so today we have a rather lazy day commencing with a short walking tour. The Romans were aware of Sorrento’s attributes and the area is dotted with the remains of their opulent villas. During the 18th century it became part of the Grand Tour for Europe’s aristocracy with classic hotels being built around the old cliff-top town. Today, spared the excesses of modern development, Sorrento is delightful and so typical of the south of Italy. Tiny winding streets lined with tall, seemingly crumbling buildings complete with their faded façades of ochre, yellow and magenta are now home to superb shops and cosy restaurants. The stylish young astride their Vespas are everywhere, and on every bench sit splendidly turned out senior citizens, superbly dressed no matter how hot the weather – all having time to pass a few words in the street.

Day 3
Capri is renowned the world over for its outstanding natural beauty and today we take the short boat ride to the island. It has long been the most sought-after part of the Bay of Naples: not only attracting three Roman emperors, but also writers such as D.H. Lawrence and George Bernard Shaw who sought inspiration here. Famous names such as Gracie Fields and Graham Greene, amongst many others, have made it their home. It is easy to see why it is so adored: as we approach the island you can see small fishing boats rising and falling with the gentle waves, with pretty shops and restaurants lining the busy quayside.

The picturesque main town is perched on the hill looking down on the quaint harbour below. You may wish to visit the famous Blue Grotto – the large cavern which can only be reached by boat and by a freak of nature is bathed in incandescent blue light, hence its name. Yes, Capri really does deserve its reputation as a Garden of Eden. We then take the boat to the mainland and return to our hotel.

Day 4
We all know the story of Pompeii, however, it is more than a series of ruins: the state of preservation is astonishing and even if you are not interested in history you cannot fail to be moved by the scale of the city, the construction of which appears to put our modern structures to shame, especially when you consider machines were unavailable. Much of our knowledge about the way of life of the ordinary Romans, their habits, social structure, class systems and domestic arrangements has come from here. Some of the baths are virtually complete as are various murals and mosaics, with some buildings having graffiti describing political events, romantic entanglements and gossip of the time! You can even see the traffic calming measures, how the one-way system operated and appreciate the very high standard of living evident in Roman Pompeii. The atmosphere is eerie, as preserved for all time are the pained facial expressions of the victims of Vesuvius.

This morning we will have a guided tour of this fascinating city before visiting the perpetrator of this cataclysmic act, Vesuvius itself. Bizarrely enough, the bottom of the volcano is now populated again with the lower slopes producing some of the finest wine in the area! The coach will take us most of the way up, giving panoramic views of the whole bay and the almost lunar landscape caused by the last eruption. We then return to the hotel in time for dinner after an interesting, thought-provoking day.

Day 5
Today you have a free day in Sorrento to spend as you wish. You could take a boat trip, shop in the high class boutiques, have a lazy lunch or simply catch up on some reading – the choice is yours.

Day 6
Today, we take the drive north around the bay to the cosmopolitan city of Naples where we visit the Archaeological Museum which is one of the finest of its kind. When the excavations commenced in nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum, the best of the finds were brought here and displayed to an eager public. There is a very extensive display of remarkably preserved mosaics giving a superb insight into the way of life and even sense of humour of the ordinary Roman. Other sections include murals, figures, fine pottery, ropes and even preserved food. One of the central displays is of some of the largest classical sculpture ever found and the museum as a whole complements your visit to Pompeii admirably.

Day 7
When you see it, we think you will agree the Amalfi coastline is, as it claims to be, Europe’s most beautiful. Today we explore the coast as it winds around towering cliffs, dipping almost sheer to the beautiful blue sea below with birds soaring above and the air heavy with the typically Mediterranean scent of pine forest and wild flowers. We arrive above the exclusive resort of Positano clinging pyramid-like to the cliff-face, giving a view, which has inspired countless artists and today is the haunt of even more numerous celebrities. Next it’s Amalfi, a picturesque village in a gorgeous setting, possessing charm in abundance and perhaps the highlight of the coast.

Just inland is the stunning village of Ravello, with its unrivalled location perched like an eagle’s nest on a shelf above Amalfi, affording some amazing views. It has an ambience of its own and a wonderful main square surrounded by delightful small cafés and the Villa Rufolo – once the headquarters of a city-state, now a charming collection of medieval buildings, statues, tasteful walled gardens and the setting for Wagner’s opera Parsifal.

Day 8
Today we return to Naples airport, at the appropriate time, after a really memorable and unique tour.

Date Price (per person) Accommodation

05 May 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,139
05 May 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,039
05 May 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,139
05 May 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,039
05 May 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,169
05 May 2017 Michelangelo £1,119
05 May 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,689
05 May 2017 Villa Maria £919
05 May 2017 Vue D'or £969
12 May 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,189
12 May 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,059
12 May 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
12 May 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
12 May 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,239
12 May 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
12 May 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,719
12 May 2017 Villa Maria £929
12 May 2017 Vue D'or £989
19 May 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,199
19 May 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,059
19 May 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
19 May 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
19 May 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,289
19 May 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
19 May 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,739
19 May 2017 Villa Maria £939
19 May 2017 Vue D'or £999
26 May 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,199
26 May 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,059
26 May 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
26 May 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
26 May 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,289
26 May 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
26 May 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,739
26 May 2017 Villa Maria £939
26 May 2017 Vue D'or £1,009
02 Jun 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,199
02 Jun 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,069
02 Jun 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
02 Jun 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
02 Jun 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,339
02 Jun 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
02 Jun 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,789
02 Jun 2017 Villa Maria £939
02 Jun 2017 Vue D'or £1,009
09 Jun 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,199
09 Jun 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,069
09 Jun 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
09 Jun 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
09 Jun 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,419
09 Jun 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
09 Jun 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,789
09 Jun 2017 Villa Maria £939
09 Jun 2017 Vue D'or £1,009
16 Jun 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,199
16 Jun 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,069
16 Jun 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
16 Jun 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
16 Jun 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,439
16 Jun 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
16 Jun 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,789
16 Jun 2017 Villa Maria £939
16 Jun 2017 Vue D'or £1,009
23 Jun 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,199
23 Jun 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,069
23 Jun 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
23 Jun 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
23 Jun 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,439
23 Jun 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
23 Jun 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,789
23 Jun 2017 Villa Maria £939
23 Jun 2017 Vue D'or £1,009
30 Jun 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,199
30 Jun 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,069
30 Jun 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
30 Jun 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
30 Jun 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,439
30 Jun 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
30 Jun 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,789
30 Jun 2017 Villa Maria £939
30 Jun 2017 Vue D'or £1,009
25 Aug 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,159
25 Aug 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,069
25 Aug 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,139
25 Aug 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,039
25 Aug 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,439
25 Aug 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
25 Aug 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,839
25 Aug 2017 Villa Maria £979
25 Aug 2017 Vue D'or £1,039
01 Sep 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,209
01 Sep 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,079
01 Sep 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
01 Sep 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
01 Sep 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,439
01 Sep 2017 Michelangelo £1,159
01 Sep 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,839
01 Sep 2017 Villa Maria £1,009
01 Sep 2017 Vue D'or £1,069
08 Sep 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,209
08 Sep 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,079
08 Sep 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
08 Sep 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
08 Sep 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,439
08 Sep 2017 Michelangelo £1,159
08 Sep 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,839
08 Sep 2017 Villa Maria £1,009
08 Sep 2017 Vue D'or £1,069
15 Sep 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,209
15 Sep 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,079
15 Sep 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
15 Sep 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
15 Sep 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,439
15 Sep 2017 Michelangelo £1,159
15 Sep 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,839
15 Sep 2017 Villa Maria £1,009
15 Sep 2017 Vue D'or £1,069
22 Sep 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,209
22 Sep 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,079
22 Sep 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
22 Sep 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,069
22 Sep 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,419
22 Sep 2017 Michelangelo £1,159
22 Sep 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,839
22 Sep 2017 Villa Maria £999
22 Sep 2017 Vue D'or £1,039
29 Sep 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,179
29 Sep 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,059
29 Sep 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,169
29 Sep 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,059
29 Sep 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,339
29 Sep 2017 Michelangelo £1,139
29 Sep 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,739
29 Sep 2017 Villa Maria £969
29 Sep 2017 Vue D'or £1,019
06 Oct 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,139
06 Oct 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,039
06 Oct 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,139
06 Oct 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,039
06 Oct 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,279
06 Oct 2017 Michelangelo £1,119
06 Oct 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,669
06 Oct 2017 Villa Maria £939
06 Oct 2017 Vue D'or £989
13 Oct 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,089
13 Oct 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £1,019
13 Oct 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,119
13 Oct 2017 La Badia Hotel £1,019
13 Oct 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,219
13 Oct 2017 Michelangelo £1,099
13 Oct 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,639
13 Oct 2017 Villa Maria £899
13 Oct 2017 Vue D'or £969
20 Oct 2017 Aminta Hotel £1,039
20 Oct 2017 Cesare Augusto Hotel £989
20 Oct 2017 Grand Hotel Europa Palace £1,089
20 Oct 2017 La Badia Hotel £989
20 Oct 2017 Mediterraneo Hotel £1,139
20 Oct 2017 Michelangelo £1,079
20 Oct 2017 Parco Dei Principi £1,619
20 Oct 2017 Villa Maria £869
20 Oct 2017 Vue D'or £939

Not included: Entrance to Pompeii €11, Archaeological Museum €10 and Vesuvius €6.50 (approximate costs, payable locally). Where hotels feature a swimming pool, pools are open in the summer months weather permitting. There will be a charge for swimming pool towels at the Conca Park of €5 per towel per day.

If you are over 65, or under 18, under current Italian law entrance to any state owned museum is free for British and other European Union citizens on production of a photocopy of your passports.

Occasionally the opening times of the places of interest varies, and if this happens we may change the order of visits, however the overall content will not be reduced.

All passengers must have a valid passport for this tour. Depending on the country issuing your passport, a visa may also be required. More information can be found at the Identity & Passport Service

Identity and Passport service

Customers should ensure that they are fit enough to travel, please check with your General Practictioner and www.fco.gov.uk/travel and www.nathnac.org

The latest advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office about travelling abroad

Foreign and commonwealth office

Travel Insurance
You are strongly recommended to take adequate insurance for all passengers for this tour

Tour operated by Riviera Travel ATOL NO 3430. Westoe Travel act as agent for Riviera Travel

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